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Discover Healing Massage in Charlottesville, VA

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Are you experiencing daily aches and pains that won’t go away? Maybe you’re dealing with a stressful situation and need to find some inner peace. No matter the reason, Treat Yourself Right! Massage and Bodywork of Charlottesville has the solution for you. With vast experience in massage therapy techniques, I can give you the results you want from your massage.

Treat Yourself Right! Massage and Bodywork can provide you with an integrated massage designed to meet your treatment goals. I am also well-known for deep tissue massage, which is similar to Swedish massage but has a stronger focus on muscle relaxation.

Depending on what you want and what your body needs, I will find the right type of massage for you at Treat Yourself Right! Massage and Bodywork. Schedule an appointment right away with me, C. JeAnne Frey, Board Certified Massage Therapist in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Only the best for you and your body

The tension in your body varies from day to day. Every massage therapy session you have at Treat Yourself Right! Massage and Bodywork of Charlottesville, VA accounts for that variation and adjusts your session to match it. I will not subject you to a pre-choreographed set of strokes and techniques.

You will find that your massage is personalized to match your specific needs at every session. Your massage is a collaborative effort. Before each session, I will ask you about your goals for the session, whether they involve reducing pain, relieving stress or supporting your healthy lifestyle.

Discover the difference at Treat Yourself Right! Massage and Bodywork. If you are looking for a massage therapist in Charlottesville, VA who delivers results, contact JeAnne at (434) 989-8364 today.

Loyalty discounts and convenient scheduling

It would be awfully ironic to visit a massage therapist in Charlottesville, experience a wonderful massage and then have to deal with the stress of how much it cost you. That doesn’t sounds relaxing at all!

At Treat Yourself Right! Massage and Bodywork, I work with your wallet in mind. I provide competitive rates for massages of different duration. I also feature these special discounts and promotions:

• Loyalty program punch card available
• $15 off monthly appreciation groups

At Treat Yourself Right! Massage and Bodywork, I have affordable rates and discounts to make sure your massage experience is relaxing all-around. My weeks fill up fast – schedule an appointment with a Board Certified Massage Therapist right away at (434) 989-8364.

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Monthly Appreciation Groups

  • January - Restaurant Industry
  • February - Medical Professionals
  • March - Independent Business Owners
  • April - Tax and Financial Industry
  • May - Tourist Industry
  • June - Hospitality Industry
  • July - Non-Profit Employees and Volunteers
  • August - Artists
  • September - Teachers
  • October - First Responders
  • November - Those with Military Service ($15 off instead of the usual $10)
  • December - Retail Industry