The 7 Major Benefits of Massage Therapy

The 7 Major Benefits of
Massage Therapy

And how massage can help you

There are many misconceptions about massage therapy. The biggest one revolves around its true benefits. Sure, massage can be just part of a "pamper yourself" day at the spa. However, when you choose to visit a board certified massage therapist there are many potential metabolic and structural benefits that continue after your massage has ended.

Board Certified Massage Therapists are trained to give you a professional and therapeutic massage, using a variety of techniques that work for your body’s benefit.

These techniques can:

• Decrease blood pressure
• Increase blood flow/circulation
• Relieve stress
• Treat chronic pain
• Treat anxiety
• Prevent headaches
• Ease tension

This is only a short list of what massage therapy can help with. If you are curious about how massage can help you, get in touch with us today at (434) 989-8364.