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There are a lot of misconceptions about Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

While at times more pressure may be applied, true deep tissue massage is about addressing muscles below the superficial ones. Contrary to popular belief (sadly this sometimes applies to less experienced massage therapists as well as the general public), deep tissue massage is absolutely not about pounds per square inch. What truly makes a massage technique "deep tissue" is the intention and quality of touch applied.

Firm pressure can be applied without accessing anything deeper than the muscles just below the skin's surface, and gentle touch that does not feel invasive can impact muscles located beneath several layers.

Close to 50% of my initial practical training at PMTI consisted of anatomically based deep tissue massage therapy. Our program worked on sequential learning, with each section building on the last. I have since taken continuing education in deep tissue massage and massage therapy for specific conditions, both to refresh my skills and to learn different approaches to my foundational work.

By working through the layers of muscle as the muscles have become less restricted, the deeper muscles also relax and lenghten. Without proper response to the condition of the tissue, muscles will naturally resist compression and friction, which may result in pain long after the massage has ended.

Between having chosen a massage school that prepared me well and my preference for making a difference, deep tissue massage has become the style of massage therapy that my practice is best known for. While I am capable of applying a lot of pressure for those clients who both prefer and will benefit from it, deep tissue massage should never be painful. My goal with deep tissue techniques is to improve the natural function of muscles which have become less responsive due to repeated use or structural challenges.

With a "modular" education system being implemented in many massage schools, deep tissue massage is no longer taught to new therapists.

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