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Swedish massages aren’t quite as foreign as the name implies. Swedish massage was made popular in France in the early 1800s by a Swede, Per Henrik Ling, which is why it is called "Swedish massage." That is also the reason why the French word for female massage therapist, "masseuse," is so widely used by people who don't speak French. Swedish massage is the basis for modern western-style massage sessions. Swedish massages are known as general relaxation massages, but can also benefit the body in many ways.

Swedish massages take advantage of five primary massage techniques which can be adjusted to work for you. These massages use longer strokes to get the blood and lymph in your body moving. This sort of circulation reaps many benefits for your body, assisting with flexibility, stress and general well-being.

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Full-body sessions are usually Swedish, with deep tissues massage techniques used on more tense areas.

I promise you will immediately feel the difference after your first Swedish massage session at Treat Yourself Right! Massage and Bodywork. As an experienced massage therapist, I use the techniques of Swedish massage to give you the results you are looking for. If you like your first massage, sign up for my loyalty program or buy sessions in advance at a discount.

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