Additional Techniques


Bodywork, as used in a touch therapy context, applies to techniques and modalities which are related to massage, yet are not the same in application or intent. There are many people who are not massage therapists who offer bodywork, such as Craniosacral Therapy (which I personally do not offer, as I have not trained in it). In addition to the modalities listed below, I have had training in a number of other techniques which require professional affiliations in order to mention them in print or text.

Circuitry Alignment

Circuitry Alignment is a hands-on energy technique that brings your original potential more directly into your body. It was first offered in October 2005, and I received my training as a Circuitry Alignment Facilitator in February 2006. Circuitry Alignment is done with clothing on and can be done in person or remotely. It usually takes about two hours. I am currently the only Circuitry Alignment Facilitator in Charlottesville. This clothing on energy technique involves light touch through clothing if done in person, and can be done remotely by telephone. It is ideal for those who feel the desire for additional support in settling into their bodies. $200 for 2 hours, please take several hours after you leave your session to integrate your experience.

Heart Thread

Heart Thread bridges your body's own consciousness with your conscious awareness to promote your self-authority. It is a seated, clothing-on modality that can also be done remotely. By working with patterns held in your back, we release muscle tension as well as mind chatter so you are more able to feel your own unique vibration. Heart Thread blends very easily with massage and may be combined with other modalities at my usual hourly rate. $40 for 30 minutes if selected as a stand-alone session.

Seated Massage

With advance notice, I can bring my massage chair to your office or event for 10 to 30 minute sessions which focus on neck, shoulders, back and arms. Individual sessions can be paid for by those who choose to receive seated massage, or can be paid for by the employer or event host as an appreciation for employees or attendees. Seated massage is also available in my office, which is ideal for those who cannot lie down for one reason or another. (Because my chair is stored off-site, please schedule your seated massage at least one day in advance.) $80 per hour/$1.33 per minute.

Alchemical Alignment

Alchemical Alignment is a clothing-on process which can be done in my office or via phone or Skype. It involves slowing down, checking in with your body, and gentle contact (provided your nervous system is ready for touch and the session is in person) to support your body's natural mechanisms for resolving trauma patterns. As a student of this work, I am excited and fascinated by the ways in which our physiology protects itself in times of trouble and can then maintain that reaction pattern or return to ease and function when supportive conditions are met. While Alchemical Alignment can be added to regular massage sessions, I currently offer it prior to the conventional hands-on massage as opposed to blended within it. This gentle and powerful work takes my long-held approach to massage and bodywork as a collaborative process to a whole new level. $30 for 20 minutes. Please allow yourself time after you leave your session to integrate your experience.