I am in constant and chronic pain. I have had a range of massage therapists over the last 15 years and physical therapists over three decades. I recently retired to Charlottesville and scheduled a massage with JeAnne after the movers left. On my first visit she was able to resolve a debilitating burning pain in my hips. Recently she detected a change in my breathing that led to a more substantial medical investigation. JeAnne is in the rarified "great" category. I am blessed.


The mind and bodywork therapy provided by JeAnne has transformed my understanding of what true health care really means. Her work is now essential to my health care regimen. Under her amazingly intuitive guidance I am better able to listen to my body and respond accordingly with better self care. That is a gift JeAnne has given me that I can use to sustain a lifetime of good health!

Natasha A.


JeAnne was such a great help to with an IT band issue. I'd overdone it running. The combination of a desk job and not taking care of myself with proper stretching - ouch! My IT band was a mess! JeAnne worked it out for me and I felt like I had a leg again! She also helped me with some other issues/problem areas and gave me pointers on things I could do at home to help with them. As a new client, I particularly appreciated how she listened to me, explained what she was doing and why, and treated me as an individual not just another appointment. I would recommend her to others.


JeAnne has helped me with not only through her massage skills, but also through her wonderful energetic and healing practices. She is skilled in all and combined them to help facilitate my recovery from a chronic frozen shoulder and various other injuries, sore muscles and back. She is dedicated, she researches to learn and find more and more ways to provide healing. Now, when I have puzzling questions, I turn to JeAnne for helping me to find answers. On a practical level, JeAnne's touch matches the need for pressure, or lightness of my muscles and mood each time. Her office space is relaxed, she is professional and at the same time personal. I refer friends and clients to her.


Occupational Therapist

JeAnne Frey has been my massage therapist for over ten years. During that time I have come to greatly appreciate and respect her skill. In fact, I am happy to say that I was one of her first clients, and since that time I have experienced her developing skill through her continuing education efforts.

As a person with an incurable, progressive disease, I am convinced that her expertise has enabled me complete my employment and retire with a pension. My life continues to be active and rewarding as well. She has the ability and expertise to identify and assess my needs and provide precisely what it is needed at any particular time. I have experienced this at each session.

When she moved to central Virginia, I was extremely delighted to find she was willing to travel to the DC Metropolitan area so that I, along with other clients, could continue to receive the benefits of her work. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of her outstanding assistance.



I most appreciate JeAnne's interest in my individualized problems. My day is spent in front of the computer, and I was experiencing arm and thumb pain I associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. We discussed it during my massage, and JeAnne thought a jammed forearm was more likely the culprit for the problem. She worked it out, and suggested a way to unjam by arm in the future. In addition to this terrific service, JeAnne is not intimidating (as I have found other massage therapists to be), rigorous in her work, and generally terrific.



JeAnne not only massages the body but also the heart, mind and soul. Her talents in multiple modalities help address the cause of pain for most effective healing.


Science Teacher

I have found the massage treatments by JeAnne to be effective in preventing stress from building up especially in my neck and shoulders. She is able to get right down into the pressure release points and assist my body to let go of tensions that I sometimes wasn't even aware of! Her treatments are part of my ongoing wellness care program. And her massages were also a critical part of my recovery following a recent car accident. Of the massage therapists that I have been to over the years, she is definitely the best and I am always happy to recommend her!

I also found the Circuitry Alignment and Heart Touch treatments to be good methods for rediscovering my center and as reinforcement to taking the needed steps to continue on my path with greater peace and serenity. JeAnne is a good guide in both processes and these modalities are both useful tools in getting back on track to your purpose for being here!


Safety Professional

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